Constitution For Northallerton RUFC

1. That the Club shall be called Northallerton RUFC

2. That the colours of the club shall be Black Jersey, White Shorts and Black Stockings, and Members shall play in complete Club colours. The only exception being if the team is ordered to change by the Referee.

3. That the Officers of the club shall consist of President, Vice President¹ Hon. Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer², Hon. Secretary, Assistant Secretary², Fixtures Secretary, who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

4. That the Committee shall consist of the Officers of the club as defined in Rule 3. six other members of the Club who are also elected at the Annual General Meeting, the Captain and Vice Captain of the First XV. The Selectors and Trustees as defined in Rule 26. Absence from 3 consecutive meetings of the club committee without reasonable excuse will debar a Member of the Committee from acting on the Committee or any sub-committee. The Committee shall have the power to remove any person from any office or position be holds in the Club if he Or she is not performing his or her duties or discharging his or her responsibilities to the satisfaction of the Committee.

5. That the business and affairs of the Club, except the making of the rules shall be transacted by the Committee.

6. The Committee shall have the power to fill up any vacancy which may arise, in their own number as they may deem necessary for the better administration of the club.

7. The outgoing President, Hon . Secretary. Hon. Treasurer, shall be ex-officio members of the Committee for the following Season.

8. That the Committee shall meet once a month during the Rugby Season and at such other times as occasion may require, 5 to form a quorum.

9. That the First XV of the Club shall be selected by a subcommittee of 5 members consisting of the Captain, or in his absence, Vice Captain of the First XV. Coach and three members to be elected at the Annual General Meeting, 3 to form a quorum. The Club Coach to be appointed by the Club Committee.

10. That the Second XV of the Club shall be selected by the Selectors.

11. That the under 20s and all other age groups’ XVs shall he selected by a Sub Committee who shall be nominated by the Club Committee.

12. Sub-Section. A.

That in order to become a member of the Club, a person must be proposed and seconded by Two full members of the Club in writing on the form prescribed by the Committee from time to time. Such Proposal Form shall be delivered to the Secretary, who shall display the same on a notice Board in the Club Pavilion.

Sub-Section. B. The Committee shall be entitled to decide not to accept Nomination papers at any time after the 1st February, following the last Annual General Meeting.

Sub-Section. C. There shall be 3 classes of Membership.

(1) Full membership 18 years and over, entitled to full rights under these rules and particularly to hold office, vote and to make application for International Rugby tickets. They are also entitled to have full use of all club facilities.

(2) Underage members, up to and including 17 years, who have the right to use all club facilities, and can apply for International Rugby Tickets, but are not entitled to vote or hold office.

(3) Associate membership – Associate members shall not be entitled to hold office or vote, and shall consist of those not granted full membership upon being elected members. Associate members shall only have such rights as are granted to them by the Committee from time to time, but are entitled to use of club facilities.

Sub-Section D. Allocation of International Tickets to be decided by the Committee.

13. The Annual Subscription ‘to be decided at the Annual General Meeting.

14. That the Annual Subscription shall be due in advance on the 1st day of September in each year. A member whose subscription remains unpaid on the 28th February in the current season shall not be entitled to-

(A) Vote at a General Meeting.

(B) Be eligible to go forward for a position on any committee of the Club.

(C) Propose or support a full Member for any position in the Club. Once a member has paid his or her first subscription, a member has a legal obligation to pay until they notify the club in writing, that they are resigning. Until that written resignation has been received by the club. the person will be deemed to remain a member of the club.

15. Should a member conduct him/herself in such a way that in the opinion of the committee is derogatory to the Club. the Cub may call for an explanation, and if they think fit, remove such member from membership without obligation to refund his/her subscription. Such decisions being at the sole discretion of the Committee for the time being elected.

16. Any member wishing to play for another club, must first get the sanction of the Committee.

17. That any member wishing to resign must send written notice to the Hon. Secretary before the 1ST of October, or he/she will be liable for the current years subscription.

18. That an Annual General Meeting shall be held not later that 31st May in each year to elect officers and other members of the committee for the ensuing year, and to receive reports and statements of accounts from the Committee.

19. A special General Meeting may be called upon the signed requisition of at least three members, and no other business to be transacted at such Special General Meeting.

20. Any motion for the change of Rules must be delivered to the Hon. Secretary, in writing seven days before the holding of the Annual General Meeting. No motion or amendment providing for the amendment or alternation of the club Rules will be valid unless passed by a majority of at least 2/3 of members attending the meeting.

21. The Representative of the Club attending the Munster Branch must be a Member of the Club, appointed by the Committee.

22. That these rules be printed and a copy of them posted up on the notice board in the Clubhouse so as to be available for inspection by any member of the Club at a reasonable time.

23. That no resolution in Committee, not being a selection committee, previously adopted or agreed to by the Committee shall be altered or rescinded, unless 14 days notice shall have been given by a member of the committee to alter or rescind such resolution.

24. That all motions by way of addition, rescision or alteration or by way of substitution shall become immediately operative when passed by the Annual General Meeting.

25. That the Statement of Accounts must be audited before submission to the Annual General Meeting.

26. That the property of the club be vested in the names of Trustees – Eamon Nugent, Noel McNamara and Tom Broderick. Each trustee shall hold office for life or until he/she resigns or ceases to be a member of the Club. Any vacancy shall be filled at the next Annual General Meeting. No personal liability shall attach to any Trustee or Trustees except to the extent of such property of the Club as shall actually be received by him or them.

27. Any person, club or organisation wishing to have the use of the Pitch, Pavilion and/or Club facilities for any match, function, sport or otherwise, must give written notice to the Secretary at least 7 days prior to the event. Such notice will be placed before the Committee for its approval at its next meeting. A written disclaimer must be provided by the applicant or applicants from their Insurance Company, which absolves Northallerton RUFC from liability in case of accident or injury, when using the pitch, grounds or facilities of Northallerton RUFC.

28. That an Inventory of all Non-expendable Stores and Equipment, as per Invoice, be kept by a nominated member of the current Committee, and that a complete check be carried out each month by that member. All discrepancies to be noted and reported to the Committee at the next meeting, for the necessary action by the Committee.

¹ Amendment to Rule 4 of the Constitution of Northallerton RUFC 11th June 2000The club should institute the post of Vice-President with effect from 11th June 2000.Proposed Michael CorrySeconded Colm BurkeThe motion was passed unanimously, and is hereby entered into the consitution

² Amendment to Rule 4 of the Constitution of Northallerton RUFC Club 31st June 2001The posts of Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer be instituted and filled at the Annual General Meeting.Proposed Eamonn NugentSeconded Michael MaddenThe motion was passed unanimously, and is hereby entered into the consitution